Moog Prodigy


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Moog Prodigy:
Its cosmetic condition is extremely good. There's some normal wear on the wood panels. The following mods have been done:

  • 1. Switch for the pitch wheel to affect both oscillators, or only one
  • 2. Switch to turn the glide on and off
  • 3. LED to indicate if a fuse has blown. It never blew a fuse, I just thought it would be good to have for live use.
  • 4. LED that flashes in sync with the LFO. This caused a little click when used with the square wave, so it's currently disconnected. It just needs a little filter cap to work properly.
  • 5. Switch to turn the attack to instantaneous from the control setting
  • 6. Kill switches for both oscillators

  • You can see the mods in the pics.

    Comes with the original service manual, which shows insert points for a number of other mods.