We're very proud of our new facility and we're excited to show it off to you. Special thanks to Greg Schlack for his efforts to capture its magic.

Control Room.  Click for Larger Picture

   Control Room.  Click for Larger Picture

      Control Room.  Click for Larger Picture

         Control Room.  Click for Larger Picture

Control Room

The most comfortable and fun control room in the Midwest, decorated in a future-retro style. Furniture and accessories had to be acquired worldwide to suit the hip, edgy vibe. The cast resin tables were custom-made by the same team that created similar tables for Diego at the MGM Grand, and Cravings at The Mirage.

So, what about the gear? Well, it's a DAW-based studio centered around Nuendo. Most mixing is done ITB, with outboard devices patched in whenever necessary. But by special arrangement, we can do your mixdown on the only working Olive 2000 console in the world.

I/Os are provided by an RME FireFace 800 and a MOTU 2408II. Software on the five computers includes Nuendo, Samplitude, SAW, GigaStudio, Stylus RMX, BFD, PlugSound, and ProTools, though we'll only use PT if you force us. In fact, forget we even mentioned it...

Outboard gear includes a Urei 1176, DBX 160, Roland R-880, Sony R7, SPL Transient Designer, Roland SRV-330, and a number of other effects processors. Preamps include a Sytek MP4aii, Peavey VMP-2, Ward-Beck M470D (2),Yamaha PM1000 (2), Altec 1589B (2), Tascam MP-4, and Behringer ADA8000. Microphones are listed below.

Designed by Craig Patterson, this floating room is well isolated from the rooms around it by virtue of a hanging, damped ceiling, and isolated walls on every side.

Splayed walls and carefully placed diffusion/absorption give just the right amount of liveness across all frequencies.

Steelwork by Mark Doehler
HVAC by Tim Killoran
Electrical by Mike Welsh
Sheetrock Madness by Jason Baker of Sterling Drywall
Miscellaneous construction by Gary Dunn
Extra help by Rob Ousley. (It was only one day, but we put him through hell!)
Invaluable assistance and generous time was provided by the late Tom Norton of Kinetics West.
The room was tuned with the help of Gwynfyd Consulting.
For plans to build the quadratic diffusor on the back wall, go to our Tech Page.


Vocal Room.  Click for Larger Picture

Vocal Room

The best of both worlds - Much larger than a vocal booth, but acoustically dead when needed. Up to twelve singers can be accommodated here, or a small band. The full-range absorbers are shown fully installed but can be removed in about five seconds. You're looking into the narrow end of the room, the other end widens out to avoid parallel walls, and includes a sofa.

For plans to build the broadband absorbers shown, go to our Tech Page.


Live Room

The live room is designed to reflect sound everywhere. We'll have pictures of it soon, but for now, just know that it's about 20' by 50' by 9 1/2', and it sounds just great. It also houses most of the keyboard collection, an exercise area, and plenty of seating.


Machine Room.  Click for Larger Picture

      Machine Room.  Click for Larger Picture

Machine Room

Okay, the machine room's not that exciting either. But here's a list of the microphones we use:

Neumann U67
Telefunken U47
Neumann TLM 103
AKG C451 EB (2)
Sony ECM-377 (2)
Groove Tubes 1A
Sennheiser 421 (2)
E-V RE-20 (PL-20)
American DR332 Ribbon (one-of-a-kind modified by Stephen Sank)
American DR332 Ribbon (about to be modified the same way)
E-V V-1 Ribbon
TEAC ME-120 (2)
MXL 603S (2)
Shure SM 58 (4)
Shure SM57 (3)
Shure 55 (2)
RS PZM (2)
E-V 635A (4)
Behringer ECM8000 (2)
Nady SCM1000
DAK 5245 (2)
CAD 22 (2)

And here are some amps we have on hand:

Marshall JCM2000 TSL100
Fender Bullet
Fender Champ
Gibson Skylark
Gibson Explorer
Vox AC30
Ampeg BT-2
Peavey VTM-60
Peavey 350 MkIII
Kustom 150
Polytone Mini-Brute

For a list of keyboards, drum machines, and modules, go to our Keyboard Page.