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Technical Reference

A quick note about service - we do NOT service analog keyboards any longer, but we highly recommend Greg Montalbano. He is quite knowledgeable, and his rates are reasonable. He can be reached at his website,

If you have an electro-mechanical keyboard, such as a Rhodes or Wurlitzer, we recommend you speak to Matt Cunitz of Vintage Keyboard Repair, who is also the current owner of the Minitron. He's in the Bay Area of california, and can be reached at (510)527-2067.

Check the bottom of this page for a more extensive list of manuals that we have on hand. The longer list hasn't yet been scanned, but if you let us know which one you need at, we can probably have it scanned in a few days.

Inexpensive but Effective Broadband Absorbers
Bass Traps - see above
Inexpensive but Effective QRD (Skyline) Diffusors

XR10 Drum Machine User Manual
23 Meg, PDF Format

D4 Sound Chart - Page 1
D4 Sound Chart - Page 2
D4 Sound Chart - Page 3
D4 Sound Chart - Page 4
112K each page, GIF Format. Front and back of the sound chart that came with the D4. Lists every sound on the unit and is invaluable to have around. This resolution should be fine, but if you need higher resolution, please e-mail Craig at EMail Address.

1568a Amplifier Schematics
1.5 Meg, PDF Format

AZ-1 Owner's Manual
7 Meg, PDF Format
AZ-1 Schematics
25.5 Meg, PDF Format
Note: This is a terrible scan, taken from old microfilm. Hopefully it will still be of some use.

Mirage Parameter Reference
180K, JPG Format. Front and back of the laminated card that came with the Mirage. A must for every owner!

LXP-5 Quick Reference
291K, JPG Format. Entire contents of quick start folder, showing factory preset names and parameters. Again, a must for every owner!

Mastering FAQ
Now you'll know how to prepare your masterpiece for mastering, whether you need for it to be mastered in the first place, and why.

Basics of MIDI
Adobe Acrobat format. Covers MIDI from the beginner's perspective. Special thanks to Bob Maestas of FBM Publishing for allowing us to release this book. It was written quite some time ago, but the basics are still applicable.

TSA Letter
Having trouble getting your guitar or keyboard on board an airplane? This letter (from Thomas R. Blank of the Transportation Security Administration to Thomas Lee, President of the American Federation of Musicians) should help.

Moog Prodigy PC Board Layout
901K, JPG format. PC Board layouts for Serial Numbers ABOVE AND BELOW 4160. Two pictures, one for each series.
Moog Prodigy Schematic - Below 4160
636K, JPG format. Schematic for Serial Numbers BELOW 4160.
Moog Prodigy Schematic - Above 4160
931K, JPG format. Schematic for Serial Numbers ABOVE 4160.
Moog Prodigy Alignment - Below 4160, Part A and Part B. 779K, JPG format. Alignment procedures for Serial Numbers BELOW 4160.
Moog Prodigy Alignment - Above 4160
779K, JPG format. Alignment procedures for Serial Numbers ABOVE 4160.

Niche ACM Owner's Manual
6.3Meg, PDF Format

Oberheim 4-6-8-Voice Factory Patches
Mono, Windows Wav format. A cassette interface is needed to transmit this data.
2-Voice Schematics
1 Meg, PDF Format.
Mini-Sequencer Schematics
750K, JPEG format.
Synthesizer Expander Module Schematic - Full Page
300K, TIFF format.
Synthesizer Expander Module Schematic - Individual Pieces
500K, PDF format.

Peavey MP-4 Mixer Owner's Manual and Schematics
2Meg, PDF format.
Peavey VMP-2 Microphone Preamp Owner's Manual
1Meg, PDF format.

Radio Shack (Archer)
Archer Electronic Reverb Construction manual
4.6 Meg, PDF Format
Archer SAD-1024 Bucket Brigade Analog Delay Chip Specs
3.4 Meg, PDF Format

MKS-50 Quick Reference Sheet
141K, JPG format. Shows all factory patches and combinations for the MKS-50.

R-880 Reverb Owner's Manual
PDF Format, 6.44 Meg

SRV-330 Reverb Owner's Manual
PDF Format, 3 Meg

Siel DK600 Factory Patches
Mono, Windows Wav format. A cassette interface is not needed to transmit this data.

R-7 (DPSR7) Reverb Owner's Manual
PDF Format, 3.5 Meg.
R-7 (DPSR7) Reverb Service Manual
PDF Format, 8.4 Meg

M470D Input Strip Schematics
PDF Format, 5 Meg

KX-88 Master Keyboard Owner's Manual
PDF Format, 670K.
PM-1000 Console Owner's Manual, Part 1
PDF Format, 5.6 Meg
PM-1000 Console Owner's Manual, Part 2
PDF Format, 3.5 Meg
TX16W (V2, Version 2) Sampler Owner's Manual
PDF Format, 6 Meg
TX16W (V2, Version 2) Sampler Additional Data
PDF Format, 500K

Unscanned Manuals Owner's Service Schematics
AB Systems 400 X
ADAT White Paper X
Akai XR-10 Drum Machine X
Alesis BRC X
Alesis D4 X
Alesis Quadraverb X
Alesis Quadraverb Plus Addendum X
Anatek Pocket Pedal X
Archer 277-132 Electronic Reverb X X
Archer SAD-1024 Analog Delay Line X
ARP Quadra X
ART ProVerb Upgrade X
Behringer ADA8000 X
Cardprint for C64 X
Carvin DCA300 DCA800 X X
Digital Music MX-8 MIDI Patchbay X
Digitech Vocalist II X
Electro-Harmonix Small Clone X
E-Mu ESI-32 X
E-Mu ESI-32 3.02 Upgrade X
E-Mu Orbit X
E-Mu Orbit V2 Addendum X
E-Mu Orbit V2 ROM Upgrade X
Ensoniq Mirage Advanced Sampler's Guide X
Ensoniq Mirage Formatting Diskette X
Ensoniq Mirage Musicians Manual X
Ensoniq Mirage OS3 Updates X
Fairchild 661 X
Fender Rhodes X
Frontier Design Tranzport Quick Start X
Future Now DX7 Programs X
General MIDI Spec - Level 1 X
Heil 400-200-100 Power Amps X
IQS SAW for Win 3.1 X
IVM MegaBank Mirage Expander X
JBL Technical Notes - Various X
JL Cooper MIDI Channel Filter X
JVC XL-FZ158BK CD Changer X
Kawai MM-16 MIDI Mixer X
Kawai SX-210 X
Korg 03R/W X
Korg Symphony X
Leslie Parts Diagram X
Mackie 8-Bus Consoles X
Marantz PMD500 Cassette Deck X
Micronta Transistor Tester X
MIDI Studio - C64 X
MIDITrack C - C64 X
Mirage Sonic Editor X
Moog Prodigy X
Moog Taurus X
Niche ACM X
Oberheim 2-Voice X
Oberheim 4-Voice X
Oberheim 4-Voice Sound Charts X
Oberheim Matrix 1000 X
Oberheim Matrix 1000 Patch List X
Oberheim OB-SX X
Oberheim Programmer Wiring Codes X
PAIA Gator X X
Passport MIDI8 Plus - C64 X
Peavey Mark IV Mixer X
Peavey Mark IV Mixer X
Polyphony Remote MIDI Keyboard Plans X
Realistic Microphone Mixer X
RME Fireface 800 X
Roland D2 Drum Machine X
Roland R8 X
Roland TR-707 Drum Machine X
Samson C-Control X
Sek'd Samplitude 1.0 X
Siel Opera 6, DK600 X
Solovox X
Solovox Model 1 X
SPL Transient Designer X
Sytek MPX-4Aii Mic Preamp X
Tascam Gigastudio X
Tascam MX-4 Mic Preamp X
TNC ACMP73, ACMP81, ACMP84 Preamp X
Toshiba DX900 Digital Mod X
Toshiba DX900 VCR X
TX16W Factory Sound Disc Library X
Univox Mini-Korg X
Yamaha DX7 - DX9 X
Yamaha MJC8 MIDI Patchbay X
Yamaha P-2200 P-2201 Amplifiers X
Yamaha DX5 X
Yamaha MPC-1 X
Yamaha SPX50D X
Yamaha SPX50D X
Yamaha SY-2 X X
Yamaha TX16W X